Changing Windows one build at a time

What's new

5.0.4 17 June 2019


Fixes an issue where flights could not be published in 5.0.3

Updates various packages that report security issues

5.0.3 17 June 2019


Support for fast-releasing Xbox Alpha Skip Ahead builds

5.0.2 18 April 2019


Support for publishing Fast and Slow builds for Team


Fixes the incorrect urls for the "See all"-links for platforms in milestone details

5.0.1 10 March 2019


Platinum Insiders are now shown on About


Fixes an issue where the platform pages on Rings would link to the wrong location

Fixes an issue where vNext used old platformId-based URLs

5.0.0 9 March 2019


Various preparations on the Git repository for the official launch

Updated menu structure for the launch

Minor typography updates for headings


Fixes a bug that resulted in a HTTP/500 crash when adding a new flight

5.0-beta.2 3 March 2019


When adding a flight, the date will be set to today by default Admin


Tweeting when a new changelog is published has been temporarly disabled

Improved design consistency

Various code cleanup and consistency improvements


Fixes an issue where hovering over an active list group would make the text unreadable

5.0-beta.1 26 February 2019


Build details now show quick navigation to the previous and next build in the sidebar

The milestone of any given build can now quickly be accessed from the sidebar

An RSS feed is now available to track all flights on ChangeWindows

Sending out tweets after adding a flight is now optional Admin

An "All" filter has been added to the changelog overview Admin

Adds a Markdown editor for editing changelogs and vNext logs Admin


Tweets for flights and changelogs will now link directly to the relevant delta

Tweets about Xbox will now include Xbox-related hashtags

The Dark theme has been redesigned and now has a lighter header and darker content area

Tweets will now include shorter ring names and use platform-specific names

Updated about page with links to our apps in the Microsoft Store

Revamped design for HTTP error pages

Various fixes, enhancements and small modifications to our design

Revamps the changelog management overview UI Admin


Updates a large set of dependencies

Changelogs will now show the "This is a recent log" warning when they are less then a day old automatically

We now use the Font Awesome SVG framework instead of webfonts


Introduces our updated logo, branding and accent color

Introduces new platform iconography for our timelines

Revamped design for our Patron highlights


Fixes a typo that showed the vNext changelogs in the browser tabs as "vNExt"

Fixes a bug where tweets for published changelogs would not correctly link to the right platform

Fixes an alignment issue with highlights where the images wouldn't be centered properly

5.0-alpha.4 14 February 2019


You can now select the platform you want to show on the timeline

URLs now use the name of platforms instead of an id

Filters have been added to BuildFeed to filter by lab, family and source

You can now click on some details on BuildFeed detail pages to search for them

Patrons are now listed on our About page

Flights without a changelog will now show buttons to create them Admin

Milestones can now be removed from the front end Admin

ChangeWindows can now tweet to @ChangeWindows when creating a flight, changelog or milestone Admin


The "About" section has been expanded with Terms of Service and a Privacy statement

We now show page-specific titles in your tabs

The tab navigation is now responsive and will scroll sideways on smaller screens


Various improvements in the usage of Blade

Improvements to support Windows 10 20H1 builds


The White-theme has a slightly darker header


Removes support for non-Windows 10 releases


We fixed the spelling mistake in the BuildFeed promotional highlight image

5.0-alpha.3 1 February 2019


The Rings page is now available

My Windows is now available in the timeline sidebar when visiting ChangeWindows with Edge or our app

The vNext changelog are back and have been added to the timeline sidebar

The new Light and Black themes have been added Insiders


The milestone pages now feature an improved responsive design

Various improvements to our management tools, including flight editing and more Admin


Further file clean-up and other code improvements


Modernized look for tiles on the timeline sidebar and rings page

Management tools have been lifted out of the UI into their own dropdown in the navbar

Light has been restored as the default theme

Updated radio and checkbox controls to use a custom design


Non-Insiders are no longer blocked from visiting the milestone platform details

Fixes Holographic not showing the Fast Ring in the platform overview for a milestone

The left and right border of timeline items are no longer not clickable

When editing a changelog, the editor will now remember the platform instead of requiring it to be set again

Known issues

Patrons are currently not listed on About

ChangeWindows 4 URLs are not compatible with viv

5.0-alpha.2 21 January 2019


You can now navigate to builds from the sidebar tiles on the timeline data is now available from the user menu

Early development for the Milestones feature

You can now set the theme the website should follow in your profile

Our favicon has been restored


Updated design for highlights on the timeline page

Various improvements to our responsive design for smaller screens


Minor restructuring of our files


Revamped heading design with transparency and blur (on supported browsers)

Reversed "Desktop" branding back to "PC" as it should have been


When in the profile, the profile menu will now be correctly marked as active

Modals will no longer appear below the navbar

The timeline sidebar no longer shows updates from older milestones as the current build

Hero images now no longer appear to have no rounded corners at the bottom

Removed instances where "Holographic" was incorrectly referred to as "Mixed Reality"

Known issues

The left and right border of timeline items are not clickable

Patrons are currently not listed on About

ChangeWindows 4 URLs are not compatible with viv

5.0-alpha.1 9 January 2019


You can now make an account on ChangeWindows

The timeline now show a pagination at the bottom of the page

Support for custom titlebars in the ChangeWindows App has been restored


Changelogs are now loaded from our database rather than Markdown files


Revamped Laravel-based back-end


Settings have been moved from About to Profile

The main navigation has been reorginized


A number of ChangeWindows 4 features are currently not available but will return

You can no longer change the grouping in the timeline

Known issues

Tiles on the timeline show a hover effect but aren't yet clickable

Patrons are currently not listed on About

ChangeWindows 4 URLs are not compatible with viv