Windows 10 version 21H1


  • Improves performance for Windows Defender Application Guard when opening documents.
  • Improved performance in Robocopy when copying files over 400 MB.

Other features

  • Winodws Hello now supports multi-camera setups through allowing to prioritize an external camera when using displays with integrated a Windows Hello-compatible camera.
  • Improved updating performance to better support remove work scenarios in the Windows Management Instrumentation Group Policy service.

Windows 10 version 21H2

These changes were pushed during the 21H1 development cycle but won't be included in Windows until version 21H2.

Start + search

  • The alphabet in the start menu all apps list has been updated for the Vietnamese alphabet which does not include the Latin letters F, J, W and Z

File Explorer

  • You can now remove previous searches by right-clicking an entry in the dropdown menu
  • File Explorer will now show more padding for touchscreen devices by default
  • WSL distro's will now show in the sidebar
  • Zipped files stored on your OneDrive that are not available offline will now show an "Extract All" option in their context menus

User Interface

  • Apps can now use theme-aware splash screens

Taskbar + Action center

  • The "location in-use"-icon has been altered to be a compass arrow instead of a dot in a circle
  • For touchscreen devices, the taskbar icons will now have more space betweem them and the search box will collapse to icon-only by default
  • Adds "Meet now" to the taskbars system tray
  • You will now receive a notification whenever an app registers as a startup app



  • Settings has an updated icon to match the other new app icons
  • A Web Browsing section has been added to the Settings header


  • You can now control which GPU apps can run on
  • About will no longer show your Windows Security status
  • About will now show your graphics card information
  • Storage will now provide you with cleanup recommendations
  • Storage Sense will no longer clear your Downloads folder when the folder is being synced to a cloud provider
  • Under Storage, a new setting "Manage Disks and Volumes" has been added which allows you to change your volumes similar to Dis Management
  • Storage will now warn you when a drive's health is degraded
  • You can now toggle Advance View in "Optimize Drives" to show hidden volumes, "Current status" will now provide more detailed information and support for refreshing the window with F5
  • Focus assist's default setting for showing the summary is now off
  • Sound > Manage sound devices will now mark the default devices as such
  • You can now set the default high performance GPU
  • You can now pick which application should default to which GPU


  • A controller has been added as an example for the Bluetooth option in the "Add a device" dialog

Network & Internet

  • Hotspot 2.0 has been removed as its own setting and is now considered enabled when Wi-Fi is enabled
  • Disconnecting to a VPN network will now uncehck the auto-connect option
  • The Network properties page will now show your Network DNS settings
  • You can now edit Encrypted DNS settings in the Settings app
  • A static DNS entry is now required when entering a static IP, making a gateway is no longer required


  • A search field has been added to "Choose default apps by file type"


  • "Your info" will no longer show your previous profile pictures
  • You can now pick Microsoft Edge when setting up Assigned Access
  • You can no longer set Windows to sync your theme

Time & Language

  • The "Set time zone automatically" toggle will be disabled if location is disabled


  • "Basic diagnostics data" and "Full diagnostics data" have been renamed to "Required diagnostics data" and "Optional diagnostics data"
  • Download Folder has been added as a new privacy setting
  • Screen Capture has been added as a page to control which apps can disable the screen capture border
  • Improved the description on the Location page to indicate that the icon shown when an app is using your location will be shown in the taskbar

Update & Security

  • Windows Update will now keep your drivers up-to-date as part of Optional Updates
  • You can now copy the text from Optional Updates Available
  • Updates the names of the various Windows Insider Channels


  • The OneDrive icon in the Settings header has been updated to reflect the new logo

Language and input

  • The Scottish Gaelic keyboard will now use AltGr + 7 to input ⁊, pressing ´ will now directly insert this characters and Alt Gr + ´ will now act as a dead key to add the acute accent to the next letter
  • The on-screen keyboard will now open by default when tapping in a text field on a touchscreen device
  • The new touch keyboard introduces a revamped deisgn that can float around on the screen
    • The floating keyboard now has an acrylic background
    • The accent color isn o longer used to colors keys that are being tapped, new animations have been added as well as sounds
    • Selecting child keys is now easier
    • The settings menu now labels all options including the various keyboard layouts
    • The revamped emoji bar design is now integrated in the keyboard
    • Voicde Typing is now integrated in the keyboard
    • You can now control your cursor with the spacebar
    • The keyboard now supports the split keyboard layout in portrait mode
  • The Emoji picker now has an updated design with an in-line search box for emojis
    • Adds a new home page showing the most recently used emojis, gifs, kaomojis and symbols
    • Adds a new page for gifs
    • The Kaomoji's tabs are now represented by text rather than icons
    • The Symbol's tabs are now represented by text rather than a singular character from the group
    • Adds a new page for your clipboard history
    • The N'Ko keboard layout has been updated so that pressing Shift + 6 will now insert ߾ and pressing Shift + 7 will now insert ߿

Input Method Editor

  • The Korean IME has been updated with a new candidate selection window and improved algorithms for text prediction when using the touch keyboard
  • The Japanese IME can now switch between Hiragana and Katakana by using Ctrl + Capslock and Alt + Capslock respectively
  • The Japanese Address and Rinna candidate suggestion services has been removed fro mthe Japanese IME



  • Notepad now supports for its windows to persist through updates


  • The People app no longer appears as an app in the app list, it can now be accessed from Mail and Calendar only

Task Manager

  • Under the tab Details, a new column has been added called "Architecture" as an optional column
  • The keyboard short cut for Restart is now Alt + R when setting focus to the Windows Explorer in the Processes tab

Windows Security

  • Updates the Windows Security icon
  • Improved performance when there are a large number of detections

Windows Subsystem for Linux

  • WSL is now services through Microsoft Update like 3rd party drivers
  • Support for GPU compute
  • WSL can now be installed with the wsl -install command and updated with wsl -update
  • Support for accessing the Linux file system when they are not natively supported in Windows


  • Windows Voice Typing replaces Windows dictation
  • Narrator will no longer enable scan mode when interacting with Excel's Ideas pane
  • Narrator can now distinguish candidate characters and words by providing detailed reading information when using the Pinyin IME
  • Narrator will now tell you that no linked item is available when annotated content and linked control Narrator commands are invoked
  • Microsoft Print to PDF will now try to convert a provided font glyph to Unicode where possible
  • Narrator will now read out any notification that appeared while the computer is locked and was labeled as high priority


  • Support for DNS over HTTPS has been added
  • Support for nested virtualization voor AMD processors
  • Support for TLS 1.3
  • Adds support for Hyper-V features on ARM devices
  • ESENT Warning Event ID 642 has been turned off

Other features

  • The Out Of the Box Experience will now ask if the device will be used by just you or your family and help setup a family group once the OOBE completes
  • The OOBE will now ask you what you use your device for
  • Advanced startup has been improved to allow for a number of Ease of Access functions to work as expected
  • The Eye Control settings have been redesigned to span multiple pages to make it easier to navigate
  • Services implemented by binaries residing in the user profile will now persist through upgrades
  • You can now reset apps from the command line with Reset-AppxPackage

And further

  • The Windows Recovery Environment no longer requires an admin password to access recovery tools
  • Users will no longer be reminded of HomGroup's removal
  • Windows Sandbox WDB files are now case insensitive
  • Improved support for 940nm wavelength cameras in Windows Hello
  • Starting your username with a space when logging in will no longer cause an error


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