Windows 10 version 1507

10.0.9941 · Threshold 1


12 Feb '15 12 Feb '15


  • The Large and High tile sizes are now supported
  • Wallpapers are now shown behind the tiles instead of in them
  • New context menu design
  • Recent installed apps are now shown at the top of the app list


  • Action center
    • Notifications can now be expanded and contain actions
    • Quick settings have been extended with more toggles
    • Notifications now get synced between devices
    • Quick settings now switch on or off their respective setting, pressing them will bring you to the settings app
  • When the device is turned off, it will remind you of your next appointment
  • The keyboard now has a pointing stick
  • You can now encrypt your device

Internet Explorer

  • Internet Explorer now uses the Edge render engine


  • File explorer has been added
  • Camera has been updated with multiple new features (similar to Lumia Camera)
  • Alarms app has been extended with world clocks, timer and stopwatch functions
  • Calculator can now be used to convert units
  • Settings has been redesigned, similar to Windows 10 for PCs
  • Photos has been redesigned, similar to Windows 10 for PCs
  • Sound recorder has been added