Windows 10 version 1507

10.0.9926 · Threshold 1


23 Jan '15 23 Jan '15

Start and Action center

  • Start is now based on XAML instead of Direct UI
  • The Start grid has been improved to allow new arrangements for tiles
  • The Start screen grid now scrolls vertically
  • Tiles no longer use a gradient and border
  • The Action center now takes the full height of the screen
  • You can now change quick settings in the Action center
  • Notifications now can contain actions
  • A swipe from the right now opens the Action center
  • Quick settings can now contain more settings
  • Notifications have received a new design

Cortana and search

  • The search button is replaced with a search bar by default
  • Cortana has been added, although with limited availability


  • ALT+TAB now opens a view that's merged with the Task View

File Explorer

  • You can now choose the default folder for File Explorer
  • A "Pin to quick access" option has been added to the ribbon in the File Explorer, replacing Favorites
  • Apps can now run within File Explorer (or pick a photo, Photos will load in File Explorer, for example)

User Interface

  • The desktop has received a new interface
  • Some animations have been altered
  • Some icons have been redesigned to match the new UI
  • Win32 window chromes are now more similar to WinRT apps
  • WinRT apps have a new border chrome
  • Full screen mode is now a button on the window instead of in the hamburger menu
  • Settings fly-out now appears within an app
  • The Charms bar has been removed
  • The installation interface has been altered

Internet Explorer

  • The EdgeHTML 12 rendering engine
    • HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)
    • HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
    • Video Tracks
    • DOM L3 XPath
    • Improved ECMAScript 6 Standard support
    • Improved ECMAScript non-standard support
  • F12 developer tools
    • New and improved Network Tools
    • HTML and CSS Pretty Printing support
    • Async Callstacks for Events and Timers
    • Sourcemaps for Styles and in the Memory Profiler
    • Find references and Go To Definitions
  • More Windows Insiders will get Edge 12 as the default engine to replace Trident 7


  • Control Panel
    • The default window color pallet has been updated
    • New backgrounds have been added


  • Win32 apps now also use gestures
  • System-wide support for the FLAC & ALAC audio formats
  • Support for the Persian calendar


  • Classic Calculator has been removed
  • Alarms
    • Alarms has been redesigned
    • There is now a world clock function
  • Calculator
    • Calculator has received a new design
  • Camera
    • Camera has been revamped
  • Contact Support
    • Contact Support is a new app
  • Getting Started
    • Help + Tips has been renamed to Getting Started
    • Getting Started has been redesigned
  • Insiders Hub
    • Insiders Hub has been redesigned
  • Maps
    • Maps has been revamped
  • OneNote
    • OneNote has been updated to OneNote Preview
    • OneNote now has a ribbon design
    • You can now give feedback from the sidebar
    • You can now sync text-only for slow or mobile data connections
    • The radial menu has been removed
    • You can now attach documents and pictures
    • You can now make checkbox lists
    • You can now add tables
    • Text can be highlighted with your fingers
    • KB3034229 is required to see the new OneNote app
  • Photos
    • Photos has been revamped
    • New Photos, manage settings and features
    • Photos now removes duplicates automatically
    • Images are now enhanced automatically
  • Settings
    • Settings has been merged with Control Panel
    • Settings has been revamped completely
    • New options for Aero Snap have been added
    • When downloading a new build, Windows Update will also show a progress bar
    • You can now choose to enable scrolling in inactive windows
    • There are new options to schedule restarts
    • Universal scroll is now added as an option under settings
  • Windows Feedback
    • Windows Feedback has received a new design
  • Windows Store beta
    • Windows Store beta has been added as a new app
  • Xbox
    • Xbox has been revamped

Other features

  • It's easier to connect to wireless audio and video devices

And further

  • The Windows kernel major version number changed from version 6.4 to 10.0
  • The builds are now called Windows 10 Pro Technical Preview (instead of Windows Technical Preview)
  • The preview is now available in Japanese, Russian, German, French, French (Canada), Korean, Italian, Spanish, Spanish (Latin America), Traditional Chinese, Swedish, Finnish, Turkish, Arabic, Dutch, Czech, Polish, Thai, Vietnamese (Language Interface Pack), Catalan (Language Interface Pack), and Hindi (Language Interface Pack)
  • Updating to this build might reset some of your settings, even from official builds from Microsoft


23 Jan '15 23 Jan '15

And further

  • Improved power efficiency
  • Improved reliability for virtual machine live migrations
  • Improved performance in Internet Explorer

Fixed issues

  • Fixes a reliability issue in explorer.exe which would cause the system to crash
  • Fixes an issue that could cause a deleted app to be reinstalled
  • Fixes an issue that could cause pending Windows Updates to be incorrectly reported in the update history
  • Fixes an issue that could cause the Start menu to be improperly registered and fail to launch
  • Fixes an issue that could cause random pixelation on the screen when using Remote Desktop Client


18 Feb '15 18 Feb '15

And further

  • Unknown fixes and enhancements