Windows 10 version 1507

6.4.9860 · Threshold 1


20 Oct '14

Start and Action center

  • The Action center icon has been added to the taskbar
  • Notifications are now added to the Action center


  • Clicking the internet connection icon on the taskbar will open the PC Settings app instead of the fly-out

User Interface

  • Universal Apps now have a black title bar instead of a colored one
  • Multiple animations have been altered
  • Swiping down from the screen's edge will show an apps title bar


  • New panels, settings and options
    • DataSense is added to manage data connections
    • Battery Saver is added to manage energy consumption on mobile devices
    • You can now choose if you want new Windows builds as soon as they are released, or if you want to wait a couple of days
    • You can now add Optional Features through the app
    • Battery Saver (Devices) has been added to show usage details
    • Personalization settings have been added
    • Closed captioning can now be set in the app
    • Multiple privacy settings have been added
    • There are panels, through empty, added Windows Defender, Battery saver (System), Speech, Storage sense, Mobile hotspot, Data Sense, VPN, DirectAccess, Ethernet, Mobile broadband, Themes, Background, Colors, Sounds
  • Visual updates and others
    • Multiple sections have been renamed, replaced, merged, or split


  • Build-in mkv-file support
  • Build-in hvec-file support
  • Apps can now run on a 1024x600 resolution

Other features

  • Universal scrolling has been disabled
  • Touching a textbox in the desktop will now auto start the on-screen keyboard