Windows 10 version 1507

6.4.9841 · Threshold 1


1 Oct '14 1 Oct '14


  • The start menu has been added with support for Live Tiles
  • An option to switch back to the start screen has been added under "Start Menu" in "Taskbar and Start Menu Properties"
  • The Charmsbar can't be accessed with the mouse anymore, instead, a new menu button has to be clicked (keyboard and touch still available)


  • Task view has been added
  • Support for multiple desktops
  • Task view has replaced the App Switcher
  • Modern UI apps can now be run on the desktop
  • Aero Snap has been updated
    • You can now snap up to 4 windows
    • When you snap a window and resize it, then snap another window to the other side, it will fill up the left screen instead of half the screen
    • When snapping an app, Windows will prompt a overview of other running apps to snap along
  • Universal Apps now can create a shortcut on the desktop or any other folder
  • You can now pin the Recycle Bin to the taskbar
  • You can now scroll a window by pointing the cursor to it
  • When used on a touch enabled device, the icons in the notification area have more space

File Explorer

  • Home is the new default location
  • An "Add to favorites" button has been added under "Start" in the ribbon
  • You can now share files from within the File Explorer with compatible Universal Apps

User Interface

  • Some icons have been updated

Internet Explorer

  • Support for HTTP/2 has been added
  • Improved performance for the Chakra Javascript-engine
  • The Immersive Internet Explorer has been removed
  • Public Suffix List is now used for interoperable Top Level Domain parsing


  • New panels, settings and options
    • Options for the Windows Insider Program have been added


  • Default apps have been updated to more recent versions
  • PC Settings
    • It's now possible to update to new Preview Builds with one click
    • You can now add Active Directory accounts
  • Search
    • The Search-app is now a default pinned item on the taskbar and can't be removed
    • Search now uses a new interface, similar to Bings search results

Other features

  • The virtual keyboard now shows AutoComplete suggestions
  • Command prompt
    • Standardized key shortcuts
    • Selecting text is now possible
    • Paste from clipboard is now possible
    • Text wrap can be altered on resize
    • Leading zeros can now be trimmed in selections
    • You can alter the opacity of the window between 30 and 100 percent
  • Preview Updates can be rolled back in the EUFI screen


18 Nov '14

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9 Dec '14

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11 Apr '15

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