Windows 10 version 1903

10.0.18214 · 19H1 · May 2019 Update


10 Aug '18 10 Aug '18

Microsoft Edge 19


  • Improvements related to HTTP/2 and CUBIC support


Snipping Tool

  • Updated message about the Screen Sketch app

Windows Security

  • The "Block Suspicious Behaviors" feature has been removed

And further

  • Improved scaling logic for apps when the screen DPI changes

Known issues

  • Taskbar flyouts no longer have their acrylic background
  • Using "Make text bigger" might cause clipping issues
  • Edge might fail to navigate to the launch URL in kiosk mode
  • The notification count might overlap with the extension icon if an extension has unread notifications
  • Windows 10 S might fail to launch Office from the Microsoft Store
  • Scan Mode in Narrator may not be reliable when using Quickstart
  • Scan Mode in Narrator might stop for a single control
  • Setting Narrator's key to just Insert and attempting to send a Narrator command from a braille display will not work
  • Automatic dialog reading might read titles more than once
  • Narrator will fail to select text properly in Edge with Scan mode
  • Narrator might not read all combo boxes until Alt + down is pressed
  • Start may be more unreliable