Windows 10 version 1903

10.0.18204 · 19H1 · May 2019 Update


25 Jul '18 25 Jul '18

Cortana + search

  • Design improvements to the home screen when Cortana isn't enabled or supported

Microsoft Edge 18


  • A set of new Group Policies and MDM settings for IT administrators has been added
  • XSS Filter has been removed
  • Support for assigned access (kiosk mode) has been added
  • The ellipses menu is now acrylic
  • Books can now be shared from their context menu in the Hub



  • Delivery Optimization now has a new icon


  • Setting up a new kiosk has been improved
  • Kiosk accounts can now sign in when a device starts

Update & Security

  • Windows is now better at predicting if you have left your PC for a long time before a restart is triggered to update


  • Support for Unicode 11, including 157 new emoji, has been added as wel as updates to older emoji
  • Support for leap seconds has been added
  • Support for the Precision Time Protocol has been added
  • Software Timestamping has been added to eliminate the software delay caused by the Windows networking stack


Game bar

  • Game bar has now been added to the start menu

Mixed Reality Viewer

  • Flashlight can now be used to open a "portal" to view the real world with the camera

And further

  • The welcome text has been reverted to "These updates will protect you in an online world"

Fixed issues

  • Fixes an issue where the ellipses menu in apps would not properly work
  • Fixes an issue where windows might appear shifted up on PCs with multiple monitors
  • Fixes an issue where SNMP and the Windows Event Log service might use high amounts of CPU
  • Fixes an issue where Widnows Defender Application Guard would not work
  • Fixes an issue where rebooting to start upgrading a build could result in the device booting back into the original build
  • Fixes an issue where upgrades could fail with a 0x8007001f error
  • Fixes an issue where Windows Recovery Environment would not launch and prevented the use of reset options
  • Fixes an issue where some devices might bugcheck with a CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED error
  • Fixes an issue where ShellExperienceHost.exe would crash when pinning apps to Start via drag and drop
  • Fixes an issue where explorer.exe would crash when launching the Default Apps Settings page via Win + R
  • Fixes an issue where .mkv files would appear with a generic app icon instead of a thumbnail
  • Fixes an issue where it would take a long time for suggestions to appear on the Settings home page causing categories to shift
  • Fixes an issue where the quick action settings would list every quick action, even those that are not supported
  • Fixes an issue where the systray overflow area could en up drawing slightly below the taskbar
  • Fixes an issue where the network state in the taskbar would get stuck
  • Fixes an issue where pinging PCs by name on the same LAN would do a case-sensitive name check
  • Fixes an issue where using v6v4tunnel to establish a tunnel wouldn't work
  • Fixes an issue where the Command Prompt prevented you from deleting anything but the last line in a wrapped string
  • Fixes an issue where Task View/Timeline crashed on launch
  • Fixes an issue where right-clicking an activity in the Timeline was missing the "Clear all from day" option
  • Fixes an issue where windows would quickly reorder after leaving Task View without selecting a window
  • Fixes an issue where the clock in the taskbar was leaking graphics device context handles every time it redrew
  • Fixes an issue that kept users from distinguishing border between two overlapping Command Prompt windows
  • Fixes an issue where the tops of apps in Tablet mode would be clipped
  • Fixes an issue where Microsoft Jigsaw would hang on launch
  • Fixes an issue where Edge would perform a forward or backward navigation when scrolling while the focus is on the address bar and "Scroll inactive windows" was disabled
  • Fixes an issue where Edge would spellcheck even if spellchecking was disabled
  • Fixes an issue where listening to music in Edge would cause the mouse to freeze when the song changed
  • Fixes an issue where Adobe XD and other apps would crash on keypress
  • Fixes an issue that caused some devices to deadlock after using the pen to ink
  • Fixes an issue where the touch keyboard would still have a launch animation when "Show animations" was turned off
  • Fixes an issue where launching regedit.exe from a non-elevated cmd windows using the start command would produce a "paramter is incorrect"-error
  • Fixes an issue where Narrator speech fades when waking from sleep mode
  • Fixes an issue where "Your fingerprint couldn't be recognized. Try using a different finger" was displaying unexpected characters

Known issues

  • The Clock & calendar flyout and notifications might not appear until after opening start or action center
  • Taskbar flyouts no longer have their acrylic background
  • Using "Make text bigger" might cause clipping issues
  • Edge might fail to navigate to the launch URL in kiosk mode
  • Windows 10 S might fail to launch Office from the Microsoft Store
  • Scan Mode in Narrator may not be reliable when using Quickstart
  • Scan Mode in Narrator might stop for a single control
  • Setting Narrator's key to just Insert and attempting to send a Narrator command from a braille display will not work
  • Automatic dialog reading might read titles more than once