Windows 10 version 1511

10.0.10585 · Threshold 2 · November Update


1 Nov '15

And further

  • Improved formatting on TV Details page

Fixed issues

  • Fixed an issue that caused the console to turn off sometimes
  • Fixed an issue that causes users to insert their password when signing in for the first time
  • Fixed an issue that caused games and apps to appear blank
  • Fixed an issue causing home and other apps to sometimes crash
  • Fixed an issue that caused poor performance when saying "Xbox" "Go Home" in home until another app was launched
  • Fixed an issue that caused apps and games to repeatedly launch
  • Fixed an issue that caused Party Chat to stop working when changing chat devices
  • Fixed an issue where buttons on the Community Twist sometimes would become unresponsive
  • Fixed an issue that caused apps and games to fail to activate
  • Fixed an issue where users were sometimes prompted for a PIN or password when they should not have been
  • Fixed an issue that caused the guide to crash when navigating to messages tab
  • Fixed an issue that would stop power center from loading
  • Fixed an issue that caused dialogs with the virtual keyboard to not dismiss correctly
  • Fixed an issue that caused game issues after canceling game save syncing
  • Fixed an issue that caused reduced functionality in Edge when turning on Narrator
  • Fixed an issue where actions on skype notifications were reversed for voice and video
  • Fixed an issue to make activation of disc based games more reliable
  • Updated units in bandwidth usage from MB to Mbits to better match what most ISPs measure their download and upload speeds with and to be consistent with the existing experience


3 Nov '15

And further

  • Improved the accuracy of the battery indicator on home

Fixed issues

  • Fixes an issue that caused Live TV to stutter on 50MHz
  • Fixes issues that caused Blu-Ray, Upload Studio and the dashboard to crash
  • Fixes an issue in Games & Apps that caused games an apps to fail to activate or time-out
  • Fixes an issue that caused OneGuide for DirectTV to have no audio when turning on the console
  • Fixes "ms-resource" showing up in titles of games and DLCs
  • Fixes a false recognition with room noise that caused High Contrast Mode to be enabled
  • Fixes issues with media apps causing them to crash or have poor performance
  • Fixes issues with blank tiles
  • Fixes issues with multiple titles failing to resume after being suspended when the console was powered on in Instand-On mode