Windows 10 version 1507

10.0.10158 · Threshold 1


29 Jun '15

Start and Action center

  • The full screen start menu now shows the power and all apps button at the bottom
  • The hamburger button no longer shows a notification icon when new apps are installed, this is now shown at the all apps button
  • New animations for tiles, including the 3D-animation
  • New boot animations for apps
  • Most WinRT tiles can now take the large tile size (including Edge, Calculator, etc.)
  • The smilies for additional icons above power have been replaced with actual indicating icons (and some have been updated)
  • Full screen start is now aligned higher, allowing more tiles in the height without a scrollbar appearing
  • You can now swipe up on the left side of start to show all apps
  • The clock, language and other notification-fly-outs have been updated with a transparent background
  • New quick settings for Notes and Quiet hours
  • Start will no longer show suggested apps

Cortana and search

  • Search will now show a "Try Cortana" button on the bottom if Cortana isn't activated
  • Cortana now has a refined UI
  • Additional features have been added, like flight tracking, etc.
  • Cortana now supports Office 365 integration
  • Cortana will sometimes "talk" to you through the search box

User Interface

  • The window chrome of Win32 apps is now the same as for WinRT apps
  • The back-button no longer takes the accent color in some apps
  • Apps no longer have to take a white icon on the taskbar anymore
  • Multiple icons have been revamped
  • All Win32 controls have been given a redesign
  • The taskbar animations for loading, needs attention, etc. have been updated
  • The installation experience has been updated, it also introduces more apps
  • There are new default wallpapers
  • Properties windows have received a visual update

Microsoft Edge

  • Edge has been updated from version 15.10130 to version 20.10158 with the following updates
    • Project Spartan has been rebranded to Edge
    • The feedback icon has been removed from the main bar
    • There is a new share icon on the url bar
    • You can now enable a dark theme for Edge
    • You can now drag and drop tabs between multiple windows
    • You can now manage your passwords
    • You can now change the search provider
    • When closing Edge with 2 or more tabs open, it will now warn you
    • Pinned hubs now look better
    • You can now show a home button
    • Pinning sites to start is broken in that it no longer has the site's theme, but a normal Edge logo
  • EdgeHTML has been updated from version 12.10130 to version 12.10158 with the following updates
    • Improved ECMAScript 6 support (without flags)


  • New panels, settings and options
    • The Windows Spotlight lock screen has been removed for non-Home
    • Automatic color picker now works
    • You can now enable features that aren't enabled by default through Windows Update
    • You can now exit the Windows Insider program
  • Visual updates and others
    • There are new animations when switching applets


  • More apps now use the accent color as their tile color
  • More apps have a tile-less icon on the taskbar
  • Multiple apps have been updated to more recent versions
  • Most stock apps no longer have a background color for their icon in the taskbar
  • Store
    • The "Store" apps has been removed, leaving only "Store (beta)"
    • The Store has received a new design with an interface more similar to other apps (back button in title bar, etc.)
  • New "Get Office" app
  • New "Phone companion" app
  • New "Microsoft Wi-Fi" app
  • Photos
    • The Photos app now supports GIFs
    • You can now choose to open a picture with another app
  • Insider Hub
    • The Insider Hub has to be activated in "Add features"
    • The Insider Hub has a new icon

Other features

  • You can now set a timer in the snapping tool

Fixed issues

  • In tablet mode, icons no longer disappear behind the Task View, Search and Back button when app icons are shown