Windows 10 version 1507

10.0.10122 · Threshold 1


20 May '15

Start and Action center

  • The "Expand start" button has been removed
  • Start now supports jumplists
  • "Places" has been removed
  • File Explorer and Settings are now shown above Power options
  • Start will now give a suggestion for new apps
  • You can now click on a letter to show all letters and navigate faster
  • Tablet improvements
    • The apps list is no longer displayed on-screen by default
    • Tiles are displayed larger
    • There is now a global back button

Cortana and search

  • In China, users can now choose between Cortana and Huna
  • Cortana now has a Feedback button
  • Cortana now has a dark interface
  • Cortana now shows a smaller interface when using the "Hey Cortana" command

User Interface

  • Apps will now display the back-button in the title bar when required, tablets will show this button in the taskbar in a later build
  • Switch-buttons and sliders have received a new design
  • The window border chrome has been updated
  • The installation has a slightly altered design (the ring now fades, there are only 3 steps instead of 4)

Microsoft Edge

  • Edge has been updated from version 0.11.10074 to version 13.10122 with the following updates
    • There is a new Internet Explorer-like New tabs page
    • There is a new New tabs page
    • Pages that are using sound now show this in their tab
    • You can now pin sites to the start menu again
    • Edge can now save passwords and forms
    • Edge now supports InPrivate browsing
    • When Reading Mode-compatible content is found, the icon will animate
    • When hovering over an URL, the target URL is now shown at the bottom
  • EdgeHTML has been updated from version 12.10074 to version 12.10122 with the following updates
    • CSS3 Cursor Value support
    • HTML5 date/week/time input fields are now enabled by default


  • New panels, settings and options
    • Backup & restore has been re-added from Windows 7
    • Windows Hello has been added with facial recognition, fingerprint and iris scan support
    • Options to change start have been added under "Personalization"
    • You can no longer pin individual settings to Start
  • Visual updates and others
    • Settings has a new interface design
    • Some applets have been moved to other sections


  • Win32 apps can no longer ask to change the default app for any file format and have to use the method used by Universal Windows Apps


  • Music Preview
    • Music Preview is now called Music
    • Feature and interface update
  • Video Preview
    • Video Preview is now called Video
    • Feature and interface updates
  • MSN apps
    • All MSN apps have been given a small design update
  • Insider Hub
    • The Insider Hub now follows the new design rules for Windows 10 with a brand new interface
  • 3D Builder has been added as a default app
  • Windows Reading List is no longer a default app
  • Windows Reader is no longer a default app
  • Music is no longer a default app
  • Video is no longer a default app

And further

  • "Play to" has been renamed "Cast to Device"

Fixed issues

  • Updates & Security > For Developers no longer makes the app crash