Windows 10 version 1507

10.0.10074 · Threshold 1


4 May '15

Windows 10 changelogs

As this build is based on the PC version of Windows 10, the following changelogs also apply to Server:

The following features from the PC version are not available in this build:

  • The XAML-based start menu

Installation and updates

  • You can now choose to install as Nano Server


  • Hot add and remove of memory and Network Interface Controller
  • Virtual machines are now resilient, meaning they can keep running while their cluster fabric may fail
  • Rolling upgrade support


  • PacketDirect on 40G
  • NIC are converged across tenant and RDMA trafic


  • Virtual Machine Storage Path resiliency
  • Storage replica support
  • Storage Spaces Direct can now aggregate from Storage Spaces on other servers


  • PowerShell now has a Package Manager
  • PowerShell Desired State Configuration
  • Includes Windows Management Framework 5.0 April Preview and DSC Resource Kit


  • Application authentication support for OAuth and OpenID Connect
  • Conditional control over access in the Active Directory Federation Services
  • Host Guardian Service provides security between the cloud and guest OS layers
  • Server-side support for HTTP/2
  • You can now restrict users to have permissions for specific tasks only with Just Enough Administration

And further

  • Full OpenGL support including Remote Desktop Services for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure


12 May '15

And futher

  • Unknown fixes and improvements


9 Jun '15

And futher

  • Unknown fixes and improvements


14 Jul '15

And futher

  • Unknown fixes and improvements


11 Aug '15

And futher

  • Unknown fixes and improvements


8 Sep '15

And futher

  • Extends the timebomb date to cover the time until the Technical Preview 2 release
  • Unknown fixes and improvements


8 Sep '15

And futher

  • Unknown fixes and improvements