Windows 10 version 1507

10.0.10051 · Threshold 1


10 Apr '15


  • The Large and High tile sizes are no longer available
  • App Switcher
    • The app switcher has a new design
    • It will now show 4 apps per page on large devices
    • The orientation has been shifted to left to right


  • Keyboard
    • The keyboard can be made smaller for one-handed usage
  • Support for notifications trough LEDs
  • Support for pen and inking
  • More fields now support speech input
  • You can now disconnect your Microsoft Account
  • You can now set app permissions for location


  • You can now set a limit from 5% up to 60% for battery saver
  • New Maps app
  • Xbox Music now supports OneDrive syncing
  • Outlook Mail and Outlook Calendar have been added, additionaly to Mail and Calendar
  • New People app
  • New Messaging app
  • New Phone app
  • Project Spartan is now available as a new browser
  • Office Mobile has been removed